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I sit writing this as Lee is buzzing around the house preparing for his lads skiing trip that he goes on tomorrow.

Every year for the past 3 years they have all gone around January time for 4 or 5 days of skiing and fun!

What is different about his trip this year though is he will be there with the lads for his 5 days, then coming home for four days and then driving back down to almost the same resort with myself, my sister and her boyfriend!

His lads trip is like a boys holiday so they will be doing lots of skiing and probably lots of drinking in the evenings, the hotel is of no importance to them, it is purely a place to get some rest before they are at it again the next day.

When we go though it is a different case, we want to stay somewhere lush and luxurious. Somewhere with a spa so we can be pampered after a long day skiing.

We went skiing once before back in 2010 and we went to a cheap ski resort, the slopes were rubbish, our hotel was horrible and it was very cheap but that was what we could afford at that time so we were still thrilled just being there!

Things have changed so much since then. Not only are we staying somewhere very nice in a lovely ski resort, we are paying for my sister and her boyfriend to come and enjoy it with us.

The money is only half of it though, its the ability to be able to just pack up and go.

Where I was working before, I had 25 days holiday allowance a year. The year went April – April and you had to give alot of notice to make sure no-one else in the same department had the same days off. Maybe you can relate?

This year we have already booked 2 weeks in May and 4 days in August  away so that would have left me 1 day to take for the whole rest of the year! That is without the other little trips and last minute holidays we are quite likely to add to this!

I can't believe I ever had to be so strict with holiday times. I was making money for someone elses pocket, and I had to ask them if I was allowed a holiday and only had a limited amount days to take! Wow!

I'm not writing this to brag, we are so so grateful for being able to live by our own rules!

We get alot of comments, mainly from friends and family actually, saying we are “lucky” to be able to do these things.


We worked our arse's off and are successful because we made it happen. We didn't win the lottery, we made it for ourselves! We are not any different to our friends, don't have special powers that made it happen, they could have quite easily done it for themselves if they wanted to.

The only thing that is different about us, is that we took action to follow our dreams and live life on our terms and they haven't yet.

ACTION skews the probabilities of SUCCESS which others mistake as LUCK.  – MJ DeMarco


If you are ready to take action increasing your “luck”, go here.

Thanks for reading!


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