Happy Black Friday!

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Happy Black Friday!

We hope that all our American friends had a great Thanksgiving yesterday and that you were all able to spend some quality time with your nearest and dearest and enjoyed plenty of delicious food and drink together.

So, today is Black Friday which marks the start of  the Christmas shopping period and many retailers offer huge discounts and deals on this day.

We wanted to join in with all the fun and games this year by making a very special offer for the first TEN people to take advantage of this offer.

We are offering an Amazon Voucher of either $20 or $100 to the first TEN people to put in an application to join the Six Figure Mentors.

If you have been following us then you will know that the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) is an online marketing and teaching system which has been created to help people like you transition from the traditional economy across to the digital economy (the new rich).

We are top affiliates of the SFM and it's provided us with an amazing income since we joined up over a year ago. As a training system it gives you all the tools, knowledge and resources you need to start successfully marketing online and generating an income.

By applying you will gain access to some awesome online video training which will fully explain what this opportunity is all about and how it can help you to earn money online within weeks.

Just click the link below and (optionally) view the video. Then scroll down and select either the Express option or the VIP option. Fill in the popup form which appears, click APPLY NOW and then proceed to fill in the main form and pay for your application.

Click HERE To Submit Your Application

Please note, there are 3 application options:

  1. If you take the General Application option this is free anyway so will not qualify.
  2. If you take the Express application option you will receive a $20 Amazon Gift Voucher.
  3. If you take the VIP application option you will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Voucher.

Once you have applied please email us to let us know and to say hello and we will make arrangements for your Amazon Voucher.

Our Gift To You

Whether you choose the Express application or the VIP application (we would go VIP) the voucher from us will completely cover the cost of the application in full, so you really have no reason now to procrastinate on taking the next step to becoming financially independent via the Internet.

We have been working online since 2007 and have not looked back once! Join us now…you really have nothing to lose in checking this out. What better Christmas gift could you get yourself than the means to start your online business to gain financial and time freedom. If nothing else you'll enjoy a load of free training from cofounders Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek – worth $1,000's!

Click HERE To Submit Your Application

We hope to hear from you soon!



  1. You need to fill the questionnaire after purchasing your application
  2. You need to watch the training videos in the back office
  3. You need to book a free consultation call with one of our business assistants
  4. The gift will be awarded after 30 days to ensure you dont abuse the 30 day refund policy (you'll receive it just in time for the January sales)
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