List Building

Is The Money In The List?

September 27, 2012 Follow Lee on

Is the money in the list?

Well, the overall answer to that question isn't as straight forward as we would maybe like to think.

The short answer is of course a resounding yes.

But let me qualify that statement. If you've been involved in online marketing in any form, and you haven't built a list, then you definitely have lost out on a potential income source. Therefore we can safely say that the money is in the list.

But, how do you actually monetize the list, and is it really that simple? What else do we need to consider?

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Introduction To Email Marketing

September 18, 2012 Follow Lee on

Email marketing is one of the best, most sustainable and most profitable methods of earning money online that exists today.

If you have an online business – be it a blog or a niche website – if you aren't capturing emails with the view of building a relationship with them moving forward, then you are most definitely missing a trick!

Lets explore some of the advantages of capturing emails and how you can profit from the list you'll build.

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