Making Money On Your Vacation?!

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So, we got back from Mexico less than a week ago and are just about over the worst of the jet lag!

We had a wonderful two weeks over there staying in Cancun at a gorgeous hotel called Secrets, The Vine. The weather was amazing (Lee has lost about 6 layers of skin from constantly burning and peeling) and we would very much recommend it to anyone!

Obviously the main reason we go on holiday is to relax, unwind and just get away from all the regular goings on you face at home and this year we were so excited to get away. If you follow us at all you will know we moved house in March and it is has been all hands on deck ever since trying to get things sorted (we discovered quite alot of things that needed sorting out) and we were at a point of everything being almost where we want it to be when it was time for the holiday so it was perfect. As much as we love our new house, we've been putting alot of time, effort and money into it so we were looking forward to getting away to relax and not worry about it.

We also find changing environment regularly can help us in our businesses as it provides some new thinking ground and often alot of inspiration. Sometimes I look over at Lee sunbathing and I think he's had too much tequila but actually he's just buzzing with ideas for our businesses!

That being said, our holiday is not all about work. We have ideas because we are inspired not because we are worrying. We don't HAVE to do any work as we have made it so our businesses can run themselves and allow us to enjoy ourselves whilst they tick over in the background still making money. Sounds good right?!

Imagine This…

While we were there sunbathing by the pool, drinking cocktails and just all round chilling out we weren't even thinking about work (…much, Lee's brain is always overflowing with business ideas) we go back up to our hotel room at about 4pm to go get ready for the evening and cool off abit from the hot sun. We get out the iPads to have a little check of what's going on in all our businesses and we have an email that says we have made a Black DEA sale!

That email means that we had just made a $20,000 sale which we get 40% commission of so that's a sweet $8,000 that we made while we were chilling out in the sun! It is also one of many, we received numerous $1,000 commissions while we were there too!

How many people do you know that actually make money while they are vacation?

This sale came through from an awesome system we are affiliates for called The Six Figure Mentors/Digital Experts Academy, and the great news is you don't need any experience to join.

The system provides all the training, tools and resources you need to make money online and start living a digital lifestyle! We must stress that we had no special skills that made us successful we just literally followed the system and here we are!

If you are interested then please check it out by clicking the link below, you won't regret it!


If you have any questions or comments then please feel free to comment below this post. Thanks.


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