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You May Just Find This An Engaging Read…

January 21, 2014 Follow Tami on

So, there are two types of “Engagement” and we are going to talk about both today!

Celebrating the evening we got engaged!

Firstly, if you follow us at all or are our friend on Facebook you may already know that we recently got engaged!

It was a complete surprise to me (Tami) but Lee had hired a huge brass band, a plane with a banner and even fireworks to declare his undying love for me and asked for my hand in marriage!

Ok, that didn't really happen but Lee did propose to me in December whilst we were sat wrapped up in hats, scarfs and gloves in Hyde Park, London. So we are really pleased to announce that!

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100 Great Marketing Headlines

November 19, 2012 Follow Lee on

Just a quick post to share with you this great little report on marketing headlines.

It'll help you come up with productive headlines and email subject lines in your marketing.

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Digital Experts Academy

November 7, 2012 Follow Tami on

WOW – are we excited!!!

It's almost 1.00am here in the UK and we are both struggling to get to sleep after the live webinar tonight with Stuart Ross (Six Figure Mentors founder) and Jay Kubassek (Pro U founder).

Whilst we sit here buzzing about all the things that were said on the call we thought we would use this time to share the latest and exciting news with you.

Stuart and Jay have revealed to us the Digital Experts Academy or DEA for short.

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Digital Marketing vs Internet Marketing

October 28, 2012 Follow Lee on

Is Digital Marketing a new buzz phrase or does it have any substance to it? Isn't it just the same thing as Internet Marketing?

These are questions we intend to answer in this blog post. But the short answer, in my opinion, is that it's a whole new thing, and I have good reason to say that.

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What Is Digital Marketing?

October 12, 2012 Follow Tami on

The term digital marketer or digital expert are terms that I will be revisiting a lot over the coming weeks and months. In this blog post I just want to briefly illustrate the history of marketing and how things have developed for the digital age we are in.

Ever since man had something to sell or trade to people, be it fruit and vegetables on a market stall or digital products, marketing has been used. Over the years we've seen a huge increase in the marketing channels available to us, however this has diluted the effectiveness of traditional methods.

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Behind the Scenes of the SFM

September 14, 2012 Follow Lee on

If you've considered joining the SFM before but wondered what the system included – wonder no longer!

Stuart Ross, the founder and MD of The Six Figure Mentors has recorded this video, giving the public a quick glance at the inner workings of this excellent and informative system.

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