SFM & DEA Momentum Day 2013

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We are still buzzing (and recovering) from an absolutely priceless weekend in London!

The SFM & DEA Momentum Day on Saturday (21st) was a brilliant day. We met so many great people who are also building their digital business and digital life.

It was so brilliant to network and meet other members. It really is like one big family and it was great to see our friends we have met at previous events and spoken to online, and the newbies who have only just joined!

As always it is such a pleasure to see both Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek live on stage talking about their business. They are so inspiring and you can actually feel the passion and excitement coming off them as they speak!

As I said in my previous blog post What A Difference A Year Makes… this time last year we attended the SFM Elite Momentum Day. We had only just joined, we had done no marketing and not seen much of the training as I was still working my notice period at my office job.

We didn't know anyone, no-one knew who we were.

Well this year was such a different experience for us!

Lots of the other members were coming up to us and already knew who we were from seeing us on the SFM Leaderboards and following us online and loads of people congratulating us on our success.

Lee presenting his marketing secrets on stage!

Not to mention the fact that Lee was asked by Stuart and Jay to do a 90 minute training presentation on a marketing method!

We had such great feedback on Lee's training and Stuart and Jay actually asked Lee (mid presentation may I add) if he will follow up this training with a 3-part webinar training, so watch this space! 🙂


Receiving our prizes!

We were also called up on stage and awarded as we came “1st place for Most Members” for a marketing contest earlier in the year and “2nd place for Most Members” for the same for last month.

Also, we came 1st place for the most in total sales, twice!

We won, 2 Macbook Pros and a trip to Miami for some masterminding and hanging out with Stuart, Jay and the runners up. We can't wait!

It was a wonderful weekend and we really enjoy the events as it really feels as though you a part of something huge and the energy in the room is amazing!

On stage Q&A session

We are still digesting and putting in place some of the golden nuggets that Stuart and Jay spoke about at the event but once we have implemented these in our own business we will share them!

Lee's presentation was recorded and we are awaiting the final copy of it which we will also be looking to share these gems.

If you have any questions or comment please leave a comment below. Thanks!



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