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So, there are two types of “Engagement” and we are going to talk about both today!

Celebrating the evening we got engaged!

Firstly, if you follow us at all or are our friend on Facebook you may already know that we recently got engaged!

It was a complete surprise to me (Tami) but Lee had hired a huge brass band, a plane with a banner and even fireworks to declare his undying love for me and asked for my hand in marriage!

Ok, that didn't really happen but Lee did propose to me in December whilst we were sat wrapped up in hats, scarfs and gloves in Hyde Park, London. So we are really pleased to announce that!

Now I'm thinking how can I relate this to business and give some value to you today too and I have come up with “Engaging with your email list”

When you are marketing to your email list you need to understand that each email address is a real person sitting at the other end and their inbox is probably going to be a very crowded place.

There's going to be alot of competition in there so you are going to need your subject line to stand out from the crowd to get your email opened!

I present you with 5 easy tips to create engaging subject lines:

  • Special Offers – If your subject line is telling your subscriber about an offer you have on, that is going to peek their interest – “$100 off  for the next 10 people”
  • Deadlines – Similar to special offers, if you are using an offer to attract them then deadlines are also a great additional tip to get them to take action – “Free e-book for anyone who joins before 23.00 Sunday”
  • Personalisation – If you can put their name in the subject field they make think the email is specifically for them and it may enduce them to open the email – “John, here's 25% off your next order”  – With this one it is good to test if it has a good open rate as some people actually report it has an adverse effect. One type of personalisation that absolutely works though is personalising it to their location or region – “Only 2 slots available in Texas”
  • Emotion and Personality – Stand out by putting your own spin on things, a subject line that makes them laugh, curious or even angry is like to be opened (I am not suggesting you insult your subscribers as it will make them angry and they will then open your email!)
  • Hints and Tips – Don't make every email you send sell, sell, sell. You need to throw in some real value and by sending some hints and tips to your subscribers they are going to start to sit up and listen to you.

Using all 5 tips, separately may I add, will begin to let your subscribers get to know the real you and realise you are just a normal, genuine person sending them an email. As they get to know and, hopefully, like you they will start to trust you and even look forward to your next email.

So get out there engaging with your subscribers!! Good luck! 🙂

Please feel free to comment below with your successes and experiences.



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